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The kinks in my hair relationship

Just recently I had found new love for my hair all because of a website:

Let me start by saying I had a weird relationship with my hair, we had moved from Pretoria, Gauteng to Saldanha bay, West Cost. The air was different as we lived one street away from the beach. My hair frizzed all the time and I was teased about it.

I remember my classmates (all girls) asking me to sing a song with the word “meatball” in it, after I sang the song they laughed in my face. (we call frizz mince hence the meatball joke at my expense) That’s one of the earliest and painful memories I have about my hair not being right according to those with straight hair.

From the time I can remember my hair was set in rollers and then sometimes blown out. With the emergence of the flat iron I was on the bandwagon; going through a five step process to beat it into submission. Only then did I love my hair, but that was lust, because I fit into society’s norm of what beautiful and I firmly believed that, that was the only way that my hair could be managed. When I left my hair wet and curly, people loved it and so did I BUT I didn’t know how to deal with it and there was a longing to have my hair curly all the time.

Fast forward to 28 June 2013, a week after my 22nd birthday. I am on our lounge floor my mother snipping chunks off my hair number 2. Why? Because I wanted all that dead beaten hair that was forced into flat and straight submission to come off, to start with a fresh head of hair that I can style and care for from the beginning.

Its been 15 days since I cut my hair. The verdict? When I lost my hair I lost my inhibitions. I have become this ballsy (even more) straight talkingย  young woman almost overnight. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t have resources and knowledge to know how to deal with my hair sooner.

Better late than never. I love my 3C curly coily hair.

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The night I cut my hair.
The night I cut my hair.

My curls.

My hair beaten into submission.
My hair beaten into submission.