A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step- Lao Tzu

Soo I decided to revamp my blog. Not to keep up with the times, be trendy or popular but because the inspiration and purpose for why I had started my blog in the first place started to dwindle. Up to a point that I wanted to delete it all and then start over completely. I was however too scared to take that big step because I would lose the name of my blog forever (noooo!!!) and I already had a mini foundation and why lose that? So I decided to build on to it.

The inspiration was struck back again by a few of the following reasons/things

  • in an interview (mind you).
  • From a very interesting and captivating blog I had recently started following
  • The need, itch and pure frustration to find a place to express myself creativity and share the things I enjoy doing.

It was the combination of these three things that just made me not want to give up on my blog.

I then went back to the drawing board (literally) and started properly. I was so engulfed with creative juices the first time round starting my blog that I didn’t approach it strategically and this time I have a drawing board to go back to and consult with.

I look forward to starting my revamped blog; I really see it as a journey because I know where I’m going and what I want to do (wish I could say the same about my life at this moment :/ )



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